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Terms and Conditions

 Your registration at will be confirmed after a review of your application.  You will be screened through vaious spam prevention tools and considered for the specific purpose you indicated.  If you indicate 'No particular interest' or if the question is left blank, your application will be declined.  You may also recieve an email from the administrator asking for information about your interest in the site.  If you do not respond or respond and do not provide the information requested you will be declined membership.  The information requested will be only about your interest in the site.  These measures are designed to prevent spam and other mis-uses of the site.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you are applying to learn about baking or cooking you agree that you will neither post objectionable material nor use the site for personal or corporate gain.  You further agree that you will not share your userid and password with others and you will hold Bread Technique, Inc -the provider of harmless in any claims arising from using the site. 

Recipe Testers Program

The Recipe Testers Program is by invitation only.  If you are applying to be a recipe tester you additionally agree that:

1. Any recipe, process or instruction entrusted to you for testing purposes will be held in confidence. 

2. You will not distribute the recipe entrusted to you electronically, via paper print out or any other means.

3. You will not be compensated for your testing work either in cash or in the form of free publications (books, magazines or other printed media or electronic subscription).

4. You will permit the use of your name (first and last) as a tester in any publication that utilizes your testing effort as a way of acknowledging your effort.  While you may request that your name be withheld in the final publication but that request is not a guarantee that your participation will not be listed.

By clicking 'Register' below you agree to these terms.

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