Order Recipe Cards for $1.50 each Shipping Included

When you purchase the DVD product from our website you will recieve a recipe card and summary.  Each card includes the full procedure, substitution guidelines, a shopping list and a card that can be cut to fit a standard 4x6 recipe box.  This is so that after reviewing the DVD a few times you will not have to take notes and will have a 'cheat sheet' ready made for your use in the kitchen.  Some people like the cards as a stand alone item.  You may purchase them here.

The recipe cards offered for sale here are the same 7"x10" card that is included with the DVD.  The are printed on 110 cardstock and folded to a size of 5"x7".  The same information can be downloaded with purchase of a DVD.  While the Lesson 1: Meatloaf recipe card is freely downloadable, the rest of the series requires a password that is printed on the face of the DVD.  The password is CASE SENSITIVE!  Most errors related to downloading the recipe card are due to improper case.  Check the face of your DVD carefully!

The cards are made available at this price as a convenience and the actual difference between my cost and the price is very small. 

Recipe Card Sample