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Chef Reinhart's picture from his blogPeter Reinhart's work has meant a lot to me.  I purchased The Bread Baker's Apprentice when it was first released and it restored my interest in making bread.  His books are a mix of philosophy, bakers theory, practical advice and recipes.  I own nearly all of them now.  Each one builds on the last but also explores new ground.  Peter Reinhart, AKA Brother Reinhart in the early years and Chef Reinhart today is an adventurous and experimental bread maker.  As you read his earliest works you'll also find recipes and thoughts about more general cooking too.  If you are a reader of Peter's books or are thinking about acquiring some of the knowledge he so freely shares, this page is for you.   

The first place you should look for news about Chef Reinhart's books and schedules is his blog.  There he talks about his travels, the testers, his new planned program PizzaQuest and of course the books.

For a little more than a year Bread Technique has, in cooperation with Peter, maintained a site for the readers of his books to communicate with him about particular recipes and ideas.  This all started as a way for more than 500 recipe testers to communicate with Peter about the results they were getting with the recipes.  After the latest book, Artisan Breads Everyday was published the forum became a support site for the recipe testers and readers.  It is now open to anyone with an interest in any of his books.

A lot of experienced breadmakers frequent the forum.  You'll get answers back right away to your posted question - sometimes from the recipe testers and sometimes from Peter.  Good advice abounds at Peter Reinhart's Q&A Forum. Pictures of breads made by the recipe testers while Artisan Breads Every Day are posted in the picture gallery.   


Spammers see forums as their personal advertising space and join every forum they can to post messages about items unrelated to the forums topic.  Recently the number of registration attemps from spammers got to be about 25 a day.  I had to shut down the auto registration. Each one had to be checked out and so I changed my plan.  Instead registration is manual now.  Just send email to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it including your desired userid and why you are interested.  Also indicate if you want just the forum or both the forum and gallery to contribute.  I'll process your request pretty quickly and get you an email back with a startup password that you can then change.  I'm sorry to have to do this but it is a reality of forums I'm afraid.

Want to see Peter Reinhart in action?  On this site you will find a 60 minute video of his workshop in Asheville, North Carolina at the Asheville Bread Festival.  Peter does these workshops and demonstrations around the country although his latest schedule has pretty much come to an end.  If he comes to your town and you are a committed bread maker, you should make sure you get to the event.  They are typically held at Sur La Table, Viking or a local cooking school like the Cleveland area's Loretta Paganini's School of Cooking or Western Reserve School of Cooking. In Ohio these schools serve both professional and home cooks.

If you need to add to your collection of Peter's books and you are not planning a trip to your local school of cooking or book store shop my amazon page. The prices are reasonable and if you spend more than $25 shipping is typically free.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the support site. I can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . is a new division of Bread Technique, Inc.


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